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Thailand Toyota Warranty Worthless..

October 17th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Yesterday the wife of our technical director was driving a 18 month old Toyota Yaris when the oil light came on, she did the sensible thing and stopped immediately by the side of the road.  Unfortunately this was in the mountains some 47 KM from the nearest Toyota Main dealer.

The driver called Toyota and was assured that assistance would arrive within the hour, 3 hours later 5 toyota technicians arrived and said they could not do much as it was getting dark, and it would cost 3500 baht to recover the car to the nearest Toyota Service center.

Back at the service centre it was too late for Toyota to do anything and they told the lady driver to return in the morning.

Next morning they said that they had to take the sump off and check the oil pick up pipe, which they did.  Then after stripping down the bottom of the engine for 3 hours they decided to check the oil pressure switch and found it to be faulty.

Now the shocker, the lady was presented with a bill for 10,500 baht !  When she protested the Toyota Main Dealer said that the warranty only covers the engine and as the engine was found to be OK, it’s not covered! They even denied that the faulty switch was covered under warranty.

So, an 18 month old Toyota (which was supplied with a 3 year, 100,000 km warranty) is not covered for any part of a repair that is entirely down to a faulty part?

Toyota have just lost a good customer who will soon be looking at other brands of car in Thailand.

Update by Andy

My wife is now safely back in Chiang Mai, as is the Toyota Yaris.  It’s my intention to sell the car and buy another brand, I have bought a new Toyota every 2 years for a considerable time, the last 2 of which have been purchased from Niyom Panitch in Chiang Mai.

I’d like to make it very clear that I have received first class service from Niyom Panitch and that they have dealt with minor warranty claims in the past without any problems and indeed without any suggestion of payment.

I often drive to Bangkok and my wife drives twice every year to Ubon, so we need to feel confident that our vehicle warranty is for the whole of Thailand, and it’s for this reason that I will be looking for another car.  At this time I’m looking at a number of brands including Mercedes-Benz and Nissan.

I have had a number of emails from other Toyota owners, they seem to be split about 50/50 with some owners experiencing no issues with warranty claims and some being denied warranty claims as we were.

I feel that Toyota cars are great, and I would not talk anyone out of buying one, but for me the reason for buying new is because I thought I was assured trouble free motoring for the advertised 3 years, 100,000 km

  1. Yaris Driver
    October 22nd, 2010 at 04:17 | #1

    The story did not end here, 240km further down the road the oil light came on again! I called Toyota Assist and the agreed to get a recovery vehicle to me asap, it took 8 hours for the recovery vehicle to arrive. As a woman with a 5 year old son I did not appreciate being stranded by the side of the road for 8 hours, 6 hours of which was in darkness.

    Back in the Toyota workshop (Khon Kaen) and the manager insists that it’s not an engine problem, after a great deal of discussion he did concede that they may have been incorrect in attributing the problem to the pressure switch.

    After keeping the car for another two and a half days, Toyota Khon Kaen say that they do not believe there is a fault in the engine and are not prepared to investigate any engine issues unless I am prepared to pay!

    The manager of Toyota Khon Kaen even suggested that Toyota Chiang Mai have been using non-genuine parts during servicing in the past, and he confirmed that we have no warranty with Toyota Khon Kaen.

    We see no choice now but to sell the car and buy a different brand of car, to be honest we now have no faith in any car warranty in Thailand, thanks a lot Toyota.

    We have bought a new Toyota every 2 years in the past, the reason we have done so is because we were assured that a new Toyota comes with 3 years, 100,000km warranty. Now we find that simply is not true.

  2. David Smith
    December 18th, 2010 at 05:46 | #2

    You are not the only one to have problems with Toyota warranty in Thailand, I bought a brand new Toyota Fortuner and after only 15 months it failed to start one day after filling up with fuel in a Bangkok fuel station, the local Toyota dealer said it was a faulty starter and changed that (charging me about 8000 baht for the job) next day the same thing happened and another Toyota dealer changed the battery and charged me another 5000 baht, later the same week it happened again and this time another Toyota dealer changed the alternator, that seems to have done the trick.. ever single Toyota dealer claimed the warranty did not cover the repairs total of nearly 20,000 baht. Next a wheel bearing started to make a noise and my local Toyota dealer told me that bearings are not covered so I sold up and bought Mitsubishi!

    My advice, if you buy a Toyota in Thailand DO NOT imagine that your warranty is worth anything, it’s worthless paper!

  3. Yaris Driver
    January 9th, 2011 at 07:13 | #3

    We lost confidence in Toyota as a result of this and we have now sold the Yaris and purchased a brand new Suzuki Swift. I have since talked to a number of Toyota owners in Thailand who mostly accept that because this is Thailand they would not be surprised if the warranty was was not honored, perhaps I’m too naive but I expected that the warranty would mean something, even in Thailand!

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